Biennial of Small Graphic Art
GRAFIX 2007 - Classic graphic art techniques
Horácká galerie Nové Město na Moravě 10. 11. - 30. 12. 2007

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Biennial of Small Graphic Art
GRAFIX 2007 - Classic graphic art techniques
Municipal museum and gallery (MMG) of Břeclav, June 22 - September 30, 2007

> > Open to the public until September 30th, 2007

Smutný - Czech Rep.
Granadilla, 2005, mezzotint, 135 x 135 mm
Kimlová - Czech Rep.
Young tomcat, linocut, monotype, 190 x 158 mm

Toshio Yoshizumi - Japan
Zaua 2, 2006, intaglio printing, 200 x 290 mm

Cmelka - Austria
Variation in rot I, 2007, serigraphy, 300 x 200 mm

Sophia Brandtner - Austria (Ram, 2005, woodcut, 152 x 190 mm
), Dobroslava Kelsey Broďáková-Urbanová - Czech Rep. (Queen of the night and her suite ), Günter Egger - Austria (Eisgenuss im Überfluss, 2004, etching, 260 x 200 mm ), Zbyněk Hraba - Czech Rep. (Shuttle, 2006, linocut, 90 x 90 mm ), Erkin Keskin - Turkey (Without title, 2007, entgraving, 140 x 195 mm ), Irene Konrad - Austria (Grown I, 2006, coloured etching, 200 x 150 mm ), Karel Křivánek - Czech Rep. (The figures in the landscape, 2006, linocut, 130 x 85 mm ), Vít Ondráček - Czech Rep. (Nocturne, 1988 - 2006, lino & cork, 280 x 200 mm ), Pavel Piekar - Czech Rep. (The way in the light, 2006, linocut, 192 x 137 mm ), Olga Pluháčková - Czech Rep. (Let´s Pomona look with favour to you, 2006, linocut, 286 x 157 mm ), Dana Puchnarová - Czech Rep. (A part of the Universum, 2006, litography, 300 x 210 mm ), Josef Ruszelák - Czech Rep. (Message Nro. 7 - for J.M., 2007, combined technique, 170 x 150 mm ), Jiří Samek - Czech Rep. (Corn, 2005, linocut´s intaglio printing, 60 x 175 mm ), Naďa Synecká - Czech Rep. (Flare from darkness, 2006, combined clour etching, 240 x 175 mm ). Klaus Waschk - Germany (Mit Narr, 2007, etching, aquatint, 200 x 120 mm ), Nele Zirnite - Latvia (Myriades I, etching, aquatint, 95 x 130 mm )

Lena Akopian - Norway, Herbert Baszolich - Austria, Radim Bejlovec - Czech Rep., Alex Beran - Czech Rep., Marcin Bialas - Poland, Alena Bílková - Czech Rep., Svatoslav Böhm - Czech Rep., Miroslav Boroš - Czech Rep., Jindřich Boška - Czech Rep., LukᚠBradáček - Czech Rep., Jana Budíková - Czech Rep., Teodor Buzu - Czech Rep., Miroslav Bystřický - Czech Rep., Nexhmie Cerkezi - Kosova, Igor Cvacho - Slovakia, David Čársky - Slovakia, Hana Češková - Česká republika, Eva Damborská - Česká republika, Klaus Däniker - Austria, Mariana de Marchi - Argentina, František Dörfl  - Czech Rep., Drahoslava Džilizová - Czech Rep., Günter Esterer - Austria, Eva Francová - Czech Rep., Črtomir Frelih - Slovenia, Ursula Goeb - Germany, Slawomir Grabowy - Poland, Alexander Gurevich - Israel, Karel Gyurjan - Czech Rep., Karl Heigel - Austria, Pavel Hlavatý - Czech Rep., Xénia Hoffmeisterová - Czech Rep., Pavla Hochmanová - Czech Rep., Bohdana Holubcová - Czech Rep., Hana Hrdinová - Czech Rep., Jan Hrubý - Czech Rep., TomᚠHřivnáč - Czech Rep., Jitka Huňková - Czech Rep., Ahmed Sinasi Isler - Turkey, Alexandra Ivanova - Belarus, Milan Janíček - Czech Rep., René Janoštík - Czech Rep., Andrey Jaroshevich - Belarus, Kateřina Jarošová - Czech Rep., Hans Johansson - Sweden, Ismet
Jonuzi - Kosova, Baiba Kalna - Latvia, Pavel Karpovich - Belarus, Jana Kasalová - Czech Rep., Jiřina Kazdová-Kouřilová - Czech Rep., Majlinda Kelmendi - Kosova, Karina Kharaneka - Belarus, Mogens Kischinovsky - Danmark, Božena Dvořáková-Klulleněnová - Czech Rep., Jiří Klabal - Czech Rep., Natallia Klimovich - Belarus, Bedřich Kocman - Czech Rep., Saieama Kohsei - Japan, Monika Komárková - Czech Rep., Milena Kotrčová - Czech Rep., Ivan Kováčik - Slovakia, Kaarina Kunst - Austria, TomᚠKůs - Czech Rep., Hynek Luňák - Czech Rep., Robert Makar - Slovakia, Jozef Malý - Slovakia, Grete Marstein - Norway, Jiří Mašek - Czech Rep., Jiří Mašek jun. - Czech Rep., Vlasta Matoušová - Czech Rep., Basri Mekolli - Kosova, Miroslav Mráz - Czech Rep., Anna Müllerová - Czech Rep., Eva Nádvorníková - Czech Rep., Jiří Nečas - Germany, Andrej Németh - Czech Rep., Géza Németh - Czech Rep., Milan Nestrojil - Czech Rep., Lubomír Netušil - Czech Rep., Jiří Neuwirt - Czech Rep., Jo Niemeyer - Germany, Petra Nováková-Ondrejčková - Czech Rep., Mariane Ogilvie - Germany, Barbora Paulovičová - Slovakia, Bedřich Pěknica - Czech Rep., Jindřich Pevný - Czech Rep., Eija Piironen - Finland, Eva Ploczeková Lazuri - Slovakia, Petr Přichystal - Germany, Hanna Ramanouskaya - Belarus, Franz Rauscher - Austria, Emma Robertson - Australia, Kateřina Růžičková - Czech Rep., Krzystof Rusiecki - Poland, Eva Růtová - Czech Rep., Sviatlana Rzheutskaya - Belarus, Senol Sak - Turkey, Joseph Salamon - Danmark, Sofya Samareva - Czech Rep., Adrian Sandu - Rumania, Vasile Sandu - Rumania, Dzmitry Shapavalau - Belarus, Julia Shatsila - Belarus, Dominika Schönová - Czech Rep., Helga Schröpfer - Austria, František Schulz - Czech Rep., Eva Sibíková-Chmelařová - Czech Rep., Hanne Sie - Danmark, Pamela Silver - Israel, Tatsiana Siplevich - Belarus, Emil Sláma - Czech Rep., Zuzana Sommernitzová - Czech Rep., Irena Stanislavová - Czech Rep., Věra Stehlíková - Czech Rep., Ladislav Steininger - Czech Rep., Jiří Stejskal - Czech Rep., Ladislav Steňko - Czech Rep., Ludmila Svobodová - Czech Rep., Lenka Sýkorová - Czech Rep., Marie Šechtlová - Czech Rep., Jan Šimek - Czech Rep., Štefan Škapík - Czech Rep., Zdeněk Šplíchal - Czech Rep., Andrej Šteffek - Slovakia, Svetlana Tarasenko - Belarus, Vladimír Tesař - Czech Rep., Hana Tesařová - Czech Rep., Jan Tichák - Czech Rep., Jan Tichý - Czech Rep., Anna Tikhonova - Belarus, Josef Tobner - Austria, Jan Tomaschoff - Germany, Marta Tomczyk - Poland, František Tomík - Czech Rep., Jiří M. Trnka - Czech Rep., Marianna Tsangarou - Cyprus, Jakub Tytykalo - Czech Rep., Dušan Urbaník - Czech Rep., Jana Vacková - Czech Rep., Jaroslav Válek - Czech Rep., Chrudoš Valoušek - Czech Rep., Helena Vanišová - Czech Rep., Libor Vašíček - Czech Rep., Kateřina Vítečková - Czech Rep., Mauricio Vega Vivas - Mexico, Anna Vivoda - Croatian, Matouš Vondrák - Czech Rep., Blanka Votavová - Slovakia, Valdeta Vuciterna - Kosova, Gottfried Laf Wurm - Austria, Dagmar Znamenáková - Czech Rep., Kamila Ženatá - Czech Rep.

A little bit of statistics
The number of participants:  199  (113 from the Czech Rep. and 86 from abroad, namely from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Danmark, Croatien, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kosova, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey - 22 countries from Europe, Asia and America).

Prolegomena - Mgr. Ivo Binder

Graphic art was created and used by many generations as one of the manifestations of applied art. Its function was, with exceptions, mostly decorative, illustrative and especially reproductive. With time, growing demands for exactness and maximum objectivity of depiction brought reproductive graphic art to the very limits of its  potential. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century when, due to the expansion of photography and thanks to the use of new reproduction technologies, graphic art was fully rehabilitated as one autonomous manifestations of free art. Since then, many artists have profiled themselves exclusively as graphic artists. This development was encouraged by great interests by collectors in fine prints and books and free graphic art. The tendency, however, slowed down and apparently event came to a halt in the 1970s and 80s. Just like painting, thought, graphic art also got the second wind. Since the 1990s, artists from a new generation have established themselves who chose graphic art to be their major visual means of communication. In reaction to this fact, several shows of graphic arts were founded among which the Břeclav Biennale of Small Graphics,  that was held for the fourth time this year, has occupied a significant position.
The growing reputation of Grafix is demonstrated by the increasing interest of artists in participating. This year, 199 authors sent their works to Grafix, i.e. about one third more than in the previous year. Growing participation of artists from abroad is also encouraging (86 artists from 22 countries of 4 continents applied this year).  
The expert jury, appointed by the director of the museum, chose the authors who wil be awarded. The main prize of the Břeclav Biennale, that was named after its founder Cyril Urban last year, goes to graphic artist and painter Dalibor Smutný whose precise and technically perfect mezzotints, have been recognized several times at the Graphic of the Year show. Apart from the Cyril Urban Prize, the Mayor of Břeclav prize was awarded to Japanese artist Toshio Yosizumi, the Prize of the Director  of the Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav to Austria's graphic designer Helga Cmelka and the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic Prize to Jolana Klimová. The Jury Prize was  awarded to sixteen other  aristst by the expert jury.
Grapfix 2007 presents works of a wide spectrum of opinion. Formally, too, most graphic techniques can be found at the exhibition, often in perfect implementation. It is binding for the organizers to maintain the quality of the show in the future. The Biennale has become a significant part of the cultural life of the region and at the same time is of  great importance for artistic graphics and its creators in the Czech Republic.

Invitation card  (PDF)

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Contact: Municipal Museum and Gallery of Břeclav (MMB), U tržiště 10, CZ-690 02 Břeclav, Czech Rep. tel. + 420 519 371 488, tel/fax + 420 519 322 878, e-mail:
Statute of the fourth Biennial of small graphic works GRAFIX – classic graphic art techniques - Břeclav 2007.

5. 9. 2007 O. Brůža