Statutes of IAA Europe

1. The Association
IAA Europe is one of the cultural regions of the International Association of Art (IAA), a non-governmental association of UNESCO

2. Aims
The main aims and objectives of IAA Europe are:
2.1 Exchange between organisations and artists affiliated to IAA;
2.2 Initiation and participation in organising in different countries sessions aimed at discussing the most vital problems of artistic movement and various professional matters;
2.3 Promoting the flow of information between organisations and artists affiliated to IAA;
2.4 Cooperation in elaborating and propagating the principles of authors' right (copyright), customs duties, and all matters concerning a free flow of arts;
2.5 Cooperation in elaborating programmes aiming at enhancing social security of artists;
2.6 Cooperation with the IAA-bureau in Paris and the National Committees;
2.7 Facilitate the creation of visual artworks in a spirit of universal humanism in communities throughout the world.

3. Organisation and structure of IAA Europe

3.1 General Assembly
The General Assembly consists of the representatives of the National Committees.
Each National Committee shall be entitled to one vote.
The General Assembly shall meet at least every two years, upon convocation of the President of the IAA Europe or 1/3 of the European National Committees. The convocation has to be sent to all National Committees at least 3 months before the meeting.

The General Assembly shall:
3.1.1 Elect the Committee of IAA Europe;
3.1.2 Nominate the Vice-President who will represent IAA Europe in the International Bureau of IAA;
3.1.3 Nominate the candidates for the Executive Committee
3.1.4 Adopt the reports (financial report and report on activities of the Association) since the last General Assembly from the President and the Treasurer.

3.2 Committee of IAA Europe
3.2.1 The Committee consists of the President, the Vice-president, the Treasurer and up to six further members. The members of the Committee are all visual artists and supported by their National Committee. Each National Committee cannot be represented by more than one artist in the Committee of IAA Europe.
3.2.2 The President of IAA Europe places the association's office at the disposal of the board of the committee of IAA Europe, for the purpose of carrying out administrative tasks.
3.2.3 The members of the Committee are elected for 3 years.
3.2.4 The Committee holds meetings as it seems necessary, at least once a year.
3.2.5 At least half of the Committee should attend the meeting to make decisions valid.
3.2.6 Decisions are passed by the usual majority of votes and signed by all voting members. In the event of a tight vote, the President has the casting vote.
3.2.7 The meetings are recorded.
3.2.8 The Committee decides on proposition of the National Committees on place and time of the next General Assembly of IAA Europe.

4. Finances
4.1 The funds of the Association derive from subscriptions of the members of the
Association and from gifts and subventions from any individual or corporate body,
provided that they are not subject to conditions incompatible with the aims of the
4.2 The General Assembly elects two auditors. The auditors will inform the members about
the status of the accounts before every General Assembly.

5. Amendments to the statutes and dissolution of the association
5.1 The General Assembly alone has the power to amend the Statutes with a two-third majority. Proposed amendments to the Statutes, together with the reason(s) for the proposed change(s), must be sent to the Committee at least six months before the General Assembly and must be communicated to all members of IAA Europe at least three months before the meeting.

5.2 IAA Europe may be dissolved only if a proposal to do so has been expressly included in the agenda three months before the date fixed for the General Assembly. The decision to support the proposal must be supported by a two-third majority of those present and entitled to vote. The decision has to be communicated to the IAA International Executive Committee.

Adopted by the founders' meeting in Bratislava on 22 September 2001

Approved by IAA Europe at the meeting in Athens on 29 October 2002 based on the statutes of IAA Europe East and IAA Europe West approved in Bratislava in September 2001.